Data collection method

The MGBase Data entry Software (MDS) is provided at no cost to centres that have joined the MGBase Registry. The application is stored on the local computer system within the centre and data from consented patients are uploaded to the Registry.


MSBase Data entry Software (MDS)

MDS is an advanced clinical tool designed to streamline clinician workflow and inform practice. MDS captures, stores and organises patient information, creating a local clinical database.

Efficiency is fostered by use of intuitive and comprehensive data entry forms and an intelligent data entry wizard that guides the user to the appropriate forms and fields, while inbuilt validation checks and a standardised medical terminology (MedDRA) improve data quality.

Data is additionally organised into useful graphs and statistics that make all aspects of patient monitoring practicable. The patient overview graph is an invaluable data tracking tool that provides a visual snapshot of patient history, allowing practitioners to monitor individual disease progression, the overall impact of treatment and other key indicators over time. Statistics and nested searches allow data to be filtered and organised so that clinicians can find relationships, reveal anomalies and discover patterns and trends. 

MDS has been tailor made to address the multi-jurisdictional restrictions of data privacy by keeping patient records out of the cloud, while still allowing the clinician to interact with the online MGBase Registry.