The MSBase Foundation

The MSBase Foundation Ltd is a not-for-profit charitable organisation incorporated as a company in Australia. The Foundation is governed by a Board of Directors who are responsible for the oversight of the charity. The Board also integrates and prioritises the scientific initiatives as determined by the Scientific Leadership Group (SLG).

The Board is led by the Chair, Prof Thomas Leist. A copy of the MSBase Foundation Constitution is available here.

In collaboration with participating neurologists, the MSBase Foundation has established a unique, web-based platform, The MSBase Registry, which is dedicated to sharing, tracking and evaluating outcomes data in Multiple Sclerosis and other Central Nervous System demyelinating diseases.

In particular, the MSBase Foundation aims to advance collaborative epidemiological and outcomes research by providing a freely accessible resource to combine, compare and analyse large datasets, for the benefit of people with Multiple Sclerosis.


Mission, vision and values

Our Mission

The MSBase Foundation’s mission is to provide collaborative database tools and research support enabling worldwide collaborative outcomes and epidemiologic research for the benefit of people with multiple sclerosis and other neuro-immunological diseases.

Our Vision

To be the global leader in supporting collaborative, real-world, quality research in multiple sclerosis and other neuro-immunological diseases.

Our Values

The following values drive the organisation’s culture and provide a framework for decisions.


  • We value the contribution of all MS centre physicians and care teams.
  • We value the involvement and respect the rights of MS patients.


  • We facilitate collaborative research projects.
  • We continually explore opportunities to collaborate with the broader scientific community.
  • We encourage and support investigator initiated research.
  • We provide an opportunity for MS physicians to contribute to the scientific leadership of the organisation.


  • We seek permission and consult our investigators about the use of data in global studies and provide them with all findings and reports.
  • We are transparent in our research and business activities.
  • We respect the confidentiality of MS patient data and require our investigators to follow all applicable local research ethical requirements.


  • We strive to conduct meaningful research and disseminate our findings widely.
  • We are proactive in recognising new and emerging research opportunities and needs.
  • We aim to create evidence for better MS management.
  • We strive to constantly improve the scope and methodology of our data collection.